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Agar plate filler

Pouring agar automatically is now available for everyone. We want each laboratory to have their own agar plate filler, by bringing the cost down to an affordable level.

Compatible with 4-well, 24-well and 96 well plates as well as petri dishes from small, medium and large petri dishes (up to 92mm).

Load it up and come back after 30 minutes for a batch of 30 perfectly filled plates.

Inoculation and imaging system

A highly cost-effective solution that enables any laboratory to perform high-throughput study of bacteria, fungi or even mammalian cells. In the cases we have worked, we have seen an 800X increase in sample sizes and measurement points.

Simply load your strains into a 96-well microtiterplate, and the machine will inoculate batches of up to 96 petri dishes before continuously imaging them at intervals down to 10 minutes between each picture.

Create large scale co-inoculation and colony network experiments with little setup time and let the machine do it for you. With  48 hours of inoculation, expect upwards of 76800 interactions with 12+ images of each every year. 

Afterwards, use our cloud image analysis software to generate growth curves, time-lapses or a variety of other useful data from your experiment.

Why choose Reshape Biotech?


We use the newest digital fabrication technologies to develop and manufacture products in a manner more flexible than possible with traditional methods. This allows us to be cost leaders within our field of expertise.

A scalable solution

Changing up processes is difficult. That's why we break our offering down into flexible modules so you can approach automation of your lab in a bite-sized manner. Try it out and expand as you need with time.

Super fast setup

If you have to spend a bunch of time setting up an experiment and configuring equipment, you might as well have done the experiment by hand. All our systems are designed from the bottom up to make the user interface super friendly and quick to use.

We'll help you

Whether you're in industry, education or academia -please contact us and let us help you analyse your situation. It's free of charge, and will give you the insight you need to decide if you want to move forward with a modern laboratory solution.