Media Plate Filler

Fill any plate with any media

The Media Plate Filler fills plates easily and accurately. Compatible with 90mm petri dishes, omnitrays, and up to 24-well microtiter plates

The key immediate benefits discovered are: cut plating time in more than half, very precise filling volumes of media and no contamination.

Pours up to 4 different media at once – both solid and liquid media
Run time: 10-30 minutes
Run 45 petri dishes or 30 microtiter plates per batch

Watch our 2-minute explainer video on operating the Media Plate Filler

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Flexible hardware

One robot for all filling needs

  • Petri dishes, omnitrays and microtiter plates from omnitray up to 24-well
  • Liquid reagents or agar-based media
  • Run up to 4 different media simultaneously
  • Run time between 10 to 30 minutes per batch
Flexible software

Inituitive user experience

  • Less than 5 minutes to set up
  • App-like interface
  • No learning curve, anyone can use it with no prior experience

It was easy to get started – there is minimal to no training required as the Media Plate Filler is very user friendly

Rugile Labunskaite, Glycom DSM
Precision technology

Downscale to enable new assays reliably

  • Fill plates automatically with ±2% precision
  • Plates are stationary for perfectly even surfaces
  • No contamination when filling plates
  • Perfect for downstream automation applications

“By trying Reshape Biotech’s Media Plate Filler, we realized how quickly we could produce 24-well format microtiter plates for custom media and food analogues.
Plates were manufactured with great speed and the result is a great, even surface for spotting. Cleaning procedures were tested and plates were incubated for cross- and carryover contamination with no issues. The plates produced with the Media Plate Filler were of the highest possible quality. I can only give the Media Plate Filler my highest recommendation.”

Jeorgos TrihaasPrincipal Scientist, Chr. Hansen

Carl-Emil Grøn

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Tech Specs


W x D x H: 69cm x 59cm x 55cm / 27in x 23in x 12in


45 Petri dishes


30 microtiter plates

Plate formats

88-92mm Petri dishes, 2-way split Petri dishes

Omnitray, 4-well, 6-well, 8-well, 24-well

Filling time of 45 petri plates or 30 microtiter plates

Petri dishes, split Petri dishes: 15 minutes

Omnitray: 10 minutes
4-well, 6-well, 8-well plates: 20 minutes
24-well: 25 minutes


WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHz, Ethernet


45kg or 100lb


Cleaning program using boiling demineralised water. Run time approximately 1 minute

Power requirements

100-240VAC / 50-60Hz 50 W MAX

Frame composition

Powder coated aluminium design

Operating temperature and relative humidity

Recommended 40℃

Recommended up to 60% RH


Touch screen


One year warranty against manufacturer defects

Return Policy

60 days, 100% risk free

Cleaning procedure

In order to ensure cleanliness of the operation, two options are available:

  1. Cleaning with 100℃ demineralised water. The Media Plate Filler is equipped with a cleaning program using hot water. Simply insert the tubes into a container with hot water after a run and press the button. This method is suggested for sterile media.
Change tubes
  1. Removal of tubes. The Media Plate Filler has easily changeable tubing. In case a more thorough cleaning is required, the tubes can be removed and cleaned separately. This method is suggested for non-sterile media.

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