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Carl-Emil Grøn


Magnus Nyborg Madsen

Product overview

The Media Plate Filler lets you pour liquid media into round or rectangular formats easily and accurately. All you have to do is load the machine with plates and media, select the plate format and press the start button – 30 minutes later, your plates will be ready for use.


  • Easy to use – very simple user interface and no programming or configuration required.
  • Fully enclosed cabinet to prevent contamination – can also be operated in a laminar flow environment.
  • Capable of filling both 90mm petri dishes as well as SBS plates in formats Omnitray and 4/6/8/24 well.
  • Easily fill plates with cultures embedded in media.
  • Capable of pouring agar media, food samples, reagents/solutions and more.
  • Removable trays to easily load/unload plates and for easy cleaning.
  • Reliable and precise dispensing and surface height/quality – highly suitable for downstream automation, for example in colony picking applications.
  • High plate quality with no sloshing as the plates are completely stationary during the pouring. This ensures a large, high-quality surface during plate imaging.
  • Automatic cleaning program for simplicity in operation and to reduce consumable use while eliminating cross-contamination. Alternatively, pump tubing can be swapped between each run.


The Reshape Media Plate Filler is easy to integrate into existing workflows. Common applications:

Screening: Automate manual plate pouring and achieve highly repeatable agar surfaces, ideal for automated organism imaging and colony picking. Quickly evaluate mutant fitness by pouring different agars into wells on the same plate, allowing you to directly test for agar composition, antibiotic concentration or any other parameter side-by-side in a single plate.

Interaction analysis: Easily switch from single-well petri dishes to 8 or 24 well SBS plates, allowing you to physically increase the number of test surfaces and conduct high-throughput studies of for example metabolite interactions in bacteria networks.


In order to ensure cleanliness of the operation, two options are available:

  1. Cleaning with 100℃ demineralised water. The Media Plate Filler is equipped with a cleaning program using hot water. Simply insert the tubes into a container with hot water after a run and press the button. This method is suggested for sterile media.
  1. Removal of tubes. The Media Plate Filler has easily changeable tubing. In case a more thorough cleaning is required, the tubes can be removed and cleaned separately. This method is suggested for non-sterile media.



Dimensions (W x D x H) 70 cm x 60 cm x 55 cm
Formats 90 mm Petri dish, SBS plates (1/4/8/24 well)
Batch size 45 Petri dishes, 30 SBS plates
Speed 5 minute setup, 25 minute runtime and plate cooling
Pump Peristaltic
Certification CE compliant
Installation requirements 230V outlet

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