Reshape Analysis Suite

Automatically analyze, annotate and quantify your results.

Colony counting

The world’s strongest human augmented colony counting. Count colonies in the edges of petri dishes or quantify how many different colonies are on the plate. We offer the best services in terms of colony counting.

Growth rates

Measure your colony’s kinematics and get a real measurement of their growth rate instead of relying on human intuition. Discover lag phases and changes in behaviour never captured before.

Inhibition zones

Measure inhibition zones, their changes in time and get better results faster. We offer automatic evaluations of your inhibition zones, and even layer it with how well defined it is.

Colorimetric change

Automatically monitor how colonies change colour or pH changes in your media. We track the changes over time and present it to you.


Measure how colonies are interaction and map out new behaviour depending on the neighbour.

Fluorescence Detection

Automatically capture images in standard formats, GFP and RFP using our Reshape Imaging Solution. We analyze the images and quantify which areas show GFP or RFP expression over time.


Analysis service

$ 1,795

  • Colony counting
  • Free data storage
  •  Growth rates
  • Inhibition zones
  • Colorimetric data
  • Fluorescence detection
  • Customized analysis development
  • Full API access

Pair it with a Reshape Imaging System

The Reshape Analysis Suite works together with the Reshape Imaging System. Be sure to purchase one beforehand, or buy them simultaneously.


Are you a university, or are you interested in setting up a large screening platform with multiple units? Contact us to see if you’re available for a discount!