Colony Counting

Count colonies smarter and better than ever before using our human augmented AI models.

Detects colonies in the edge of the plate and count colonies before they grow together. We capture details in real-time, yielding faster results, accurate counts and eliminates artefacts like bubbles or specks of dust. Our advanced models brings colony counting into the 21st century.

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Flexible hardware

One robot for all applications

  • Petri dishes, omnitrays and microtiter plates from 4-well up to 24-well
  • Run continuously for up to 180 days
  • Optional fluorescence module (preconfigured for GFP)
Flexible software

Inituitive user interface

  • All settings and modes come pre-configured
  • Browser interface allows anyone with credentials to access the robot
  • Cloud-based storage lets you view your plates anywhere, anytime
Open the interface
Flexible application

Perfect for screening

  • Side-by-side screening in your preferred format
  • Compare up to 240 samples per run using 24-well format
  • Use the Reshape Image Analysis suite to quantify results at scale
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