Reshape Imaging System

Watch your organisms
grow in real-time

The Imaging System is flexible, fits right in an incubator and is extremely user-friendly.


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Flexible hardware

One robot for all applications

  • Petri dishes, omnitrays and microtiter plates from 4-well up to 24-well
  • Run continuously for up to 180 days
  • Optional fluorescence module (preconfigured for GFP)
Flexible software

Inituitive user interface

  • All settings and modes come pre-configured
  • Browser interface allows anyone with credentials to access the robot
  • Cloud-based storage lets you view your plates anywhere, anytime
Open the interface
Flexible application

Perfect for screening

  • Side-by-side screening in your preferred format
  • Compare up to 240 samples per run using 24-well format
  • Use the Reshape Image Analysis suite to quantify results at scale
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Carl-Emil Grøn

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Tech Specs

Compact footprint

W x D x H: 60cm x 50cm x 25cm / 24in x 20in x 10in
For example, a Binder BF260 incubator will fit 3x Reshape Imaging Systems

Imaging trays

Petri dish tray and microtiter tray

15 petri dishes per tray, or 10 microtiter plates.

Plate formats

90 mm Petri dishes

Omnitray, Plus plates, 4-well, 6-well, 8-well, 12-well, 24-well microtiter plates

Minimum interval between images

10 minutes between every image on petri dishes, 30 minutes on 24-well plates

Max imaging duration

Up to 180 days


Qualitative fluorescence detection of GFP and GFP-like markers


Wired ethernet


12kg or 27lb


Trays and robot can easily be cleaned with alcohol


12.3 Mega Pixel

Power requirements

100-240VAC / 50-60Hz 50 W MAX

Frame composition

Acrylic and aluminium design

Operating temperature and relative humidity

Recommended 40℃

Recommended up to 90% RH


Browser-based application


One year warranty against manufacturer defects

Return Policy

60 days, 100% risk free

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