Inoculate petri dishes with any organism, single- or multicellular

Our unique spiral plating design allows you to plate organisms or solutions with large particle sizes, including filamentous fungi, moss and many others, as well as high viscosity solutions.

Cost effective automation

Our top priority is providing a solution that is obviously a good investment. We do this by utilising digital fabrication and simplified designs to bring down costs to a fraction of competing solutions.

Automation for Everyone

Automation of microbiology shouldn’t just be for large companies or high throughput experiments – we break up workflows using cobots and allow you to cut out the parts you don’t want to do, whether that is serial dilutions, colony counting or any of the other processes that you spend time on in the lab.

Flexible solutions

We know that there is a lot of variability in the way you work and the requirements you have – therefore, we’ve focused on flexible solutions from the start. If you’re looking for a non-obvious solution to a problem please get in touch so we can help you avoid repetitive work.

Improved quality

Humans are great at a lot of things, but repetitive work and tedious work is not one of them. Free up your time for knowledge-based work instead, and let us help you achieve the perfect result on the first sample – and the ten thousandth.

DTU Bioengineering
Mosspiration Biotech

Workflow analysis

We’d love to help you analyse your situation and how you can take advantage of modern liquid handling and sensor technology with a free consultation. We have in-depth knowledge on the most effective ways for you to save time and money while reducing strain and errors. Please get in touch with us!

Easy to use and integrate

We spend a lot of time making sure our products are as easy to use as possible. This means no configuring or programming – we like to think of how easy it is to use a toaster, and we try to mimic this in our products. We go for the least bulky solutions – we know you don’t have a lot of space in the lab, so we want to take up as little as possible.

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Henrik Toft Simonsen

The Team

Carl-Emil Grøn

Studying to obtain a Msc. in mechanical engineering at DTU. Carl-Emil has a deep theoretical understanding and practical skills from his dual-degree background in physics and mechanical engineering.

Daniel Storgaard

Studying to obtain a Msc. In biotechnology at DTU. Daniel has a background as an electronics technician and has extensive experience in electronics design and maintenance.

Magnus Madsen

Studying to obtain a B.eng. in mechanical engineering at DTU. Magnus has extensive experience with digital fabrication technology, and has developed, built and tested a wide variety of benchtop-scale robotics.

Chris Workman, Advisory board

Chris Workman is a professor at DTU with experience in small-scale automation. His industry knowledge provides Reshape with valuable sparring and ensures the quality of our products live up to standards.

Nicholas Francis, Advisory board

Just recently valued at $6B, Unity is one of Denmark’s biggest startup success stories. Nicholas’ position as a co-founder in Unity provides him with unique insight into early startup scaling and growth. Thereto, Unity had a similar value proposition to ours, and knows a thing or two about selling to old established markets.

Pia van der Zee, Advisory board

Pia van der Zee has experience in sales, business development and key account managing. Pia has previously worked for biotechnology companies such as Novozymes, Chemometec, Thermo Fisher and Pharmacosmos. Pia complements the skills in the team perfectly, and is an important member in the commercial operations.

About us

At Reshape Biotech, we want to help everyone working in life science achieve their goals more effectively to accelerate advancements in medicine, biotech, environmental science and agriculture. No matter what you do, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any sort of question – we’d love to hear from you!

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