Spiral plater

Our spiral plater is the perfect dish inoculation method for the modern life science lab – capable of working with almost all sorts of organisms and viscous liquids, it’ll drastically cut down on your frustration when trying to get even platings for use in screening, CFU counting or a variety of other applications – it will even do serial dilutions so you don’t have to.

Available as a stand-alone unit which fits easily in a laminar-flow hood, or integrated into a high-throughput system which will automatically inoculate tens, hundreds or thousands of plates as per your requirements, it’s a flexible solution that easily incorporates into most laboratories.

Best of all – it’s only a fraction of the cost of competing products, yet capable of handling any organism. It comes with a super-simple user interface – simply dial in your desired volume for inoculation, and press the button to start plating.

The standalone unit is 49 995 DKK excl VAT

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