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We help bio and food companies digitize their microbial R&D

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Reshape Media Plate Filler

The best solution for plate pouring in R&D environments

Enable downscaling by easily filling any format with any media. Automatic plate filling is great for saving time and reducing repetitive strain. From agar to yoghurt, the Media Plate Filler can handle anything you want to put in a plate.

What we can help you achieve

Reduce repetitive strain | Easy and precise filling | 4 media types across a single plate

“By trying Reshape Biotech’s Media Plate Filler, we realized how quickly we could produce 24-well format microtiter plates for custom media and food analogues.
Plates were manufactured with great speed and the result is a great, even surface for spotting. Cleaning procedures were tested and plates were incubated for cross- and carryover contamination with no issues. The plates produced with the Media Plate Filler were of the highest possible quality. I can only give the Media Plate Filler my highest recommendation.”

Jeorgos TrihaasPrincipal Scientist, Chr. Hansen

“As a researcher, I always try to think of new experiments to uncover new ground. Large scale research is very interesting to me, but bringing automation into a laboratory can be a daunting task. With Reshape, it wasn’t. The team is really good at seeing an experiment from a new perspective, and finding ways to improve the results. We worked closely together to develop an outline of a new type of robot that can accomplish many times what a human can with higher precision.”

Lars JelsbakProfessor MSO, DTU Bioengineering

Experience the next generation of lab automation.