Upload functionality

All image data is uploaded to secured Amazon S3 servers and accessible through Reshape Biotech’s web-based cloud interface. From this interface, data can be viewed, annotated and downloaded as desired. The Reshape Imaging System can not function at any time without a working internet connection which allows it to access Amazon Web Services.

Outputs are given as mp4 files (timelapse videos) with timestamps or as individual frames.

Connectivity requirements

Wired ethernet connection required for operation and data off-loading. If using a stand-alone incubator, it must be possible to feed ethernet cables into the incubator using a pass-through or similar. Incubator rooms must have ethernet access.

If required, the Reshape Imaging System can be configured to use wifi, though cabled ethernet is recommended. If you wish to use wifi, please let us know ahead of shipment so we can pre-configure the credentials.

The requirements for the ethernet connection are that port 80 and 443 should be open and that the network uses DHCP to assign IP addresses – like if an external laptop had to gain internet access.

Let me know if you’d like us to communicate directly with your IT department. If static IP setup is required, please let us know ahead of shipment of the robot.

Data security

Reshape Biotech utilize Amazon S3 storage, which is designed for 99.999999999% data durability with automatic backup across several sites (source: https://aws.amazon.com/s3/faqs/).

Authentication and access to generated results is dependent on the security requirements of the individual customer. Amazon S3 and the Reshape cloud interface allow various levels of encryption and security, but per default, logins will be provided to the customer for access. Any data which is shared with Reshape Biotech will never be shared with 3rd parties unless explicitly agreed upon in writing with the customer who owns the stored data, and the user of the robot retains all rights to the data generated as specified in the EULA.